Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Gavle, Sweden

It was back in February, at the end of the month, when I went up to Gavle. It's an hour north of Sweden, and is very Eastern European-esq in its architecture. It was a very pretty city, although cold at that time. I went with Kenley for a day.

We actually ended up having to take a detour to Tierp and visited a very lovely white church there and got coffee and a pastry at a cafe while we waited for the next train.

Kenley and I wandered around Gavle's famous park, the Boulgonerskogen park, through part of the town, and through the University of Gavle campus. 

My pastry and coffee. I do indeed love sitting at a cafe, and there is nothing better than fika. 

This was one of the churches we stumbled across

The back of the next picture

A church turned concert hall/night club

A hotel! Can you believe it! 

the Gavle theater 
one of the many pretty buildings we passed

another beautiful house. Don't you just love the architecture? 

The angels in the park! 

A bridge named after either the queen or king of Sweden. I don't remember which one. 

Views from the river 

Gavle was a beautiful town. I am definitely going back there when it is warmer! 

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