Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hanging Out and Game Night

Every since arriving in Uppsala, I feel as though I've been doing things and going places and been very busy. Even though I didn't have class today, I had a pretty full schedule.

At 12, I went to the open house at the Uppsala Student Union. I hung out with a girl from my religion class and some of her friends; they are all from the University of Illinois. I also met a girl from Switzerland who was lovely to talk to. Amanda came about an hour later. The union served coffee, tea, cookies, and mulled wine. It was yummy.

The student union is sort of like an honor council; it deals with student rights and responsibilities. Afterward we went to the main university building for orientation. There was also a fair with booths from all of the 13 student nations. I still don't know which one I will be joining, but I really liked Ostgota and am going to work at there on Saturday during their fika time. Hopefully, that will give me some insight on it if I will want to join. It's not a requirement to join a nation, but there's not really much point to social life if you don't.
You can learn about Ostgota here:

Amanda and I went to Uplands Nation for fika and board games which was fun. Fika has been one of my favorite things about Sweden. We met a girl from Sweden, Alma and an exchange student, Melissa from Turkey. The three of us went back to my dorm and ate sandwiches for dinner. I binged watched Orphan Black and then went to bed after they left.

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