Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Eighth Day is the Busiest

I've been so busy here in Sweden that I can't believe eight days have gone by. Time sure does fly! I worked at one of the nations, Ostgota (the two Os actually have the two dot thing above them, but whatever). It's a very beautiful nation, both the architecture and the inside.

On Saturdays, they have lördagsfika. I worked there from 10 to 5:30 from preparation to clean-up. I really liked the other people I worked with. They taught me how to make tea trays, chai tea, hot chocolate, and their special dish called the day after. It comes with bacon, half a hamburger, spicy chicken salad, eggs, and salad (lettuce, spinach, cucumber, tomato, onion, cheese) with a homemade sauce, It was a pretty popular dish and I had one myself; it was very good.

The people I worked with were very nice. We played the radio during clean-up and danced around in the kitchen. They tried to teach me how to pronounce some Swedish words. Swedish is a very fast language, but I think I will pick it up pretty easily once I start taking the class.

Although I can't get paid for working (you have to be a resident of Sweden for at least a year), I did get free food and a coupon for another free meal. So when I'm broke, I at least won't starve. The others went out for after work drinks, but I went on to an orientation event.

Gotlands Nation had a Crash Course in Sweden and the Swedes at 6, along with fika. It was very helpful and I met a guy from Germany and a couple of guys from Hong Kong. There are two pretty big Asian groups here, one from HK and the other from South Korea. I learned a lot about Swedes and the two guys who did it made it funny too. After, we sat and talked some more and then I went home.

The eight day is the busiest. Den åttonde dagen är den mest trafikerade.

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  1. Hey Rachel! Sounds like you are having a great time! PLEASE e-mail me your address or send it to me as message on facebook. Thanks!