Friday, January 23, 2015

Movie Night

I've been in Sweden for one week now. Happy Friday my dear family, friends, and other readers. Today, I mostly hung out with friends and continued my binge of Orphan Black. Amanda and I met up and walked around a park. It's been snowing here a lot! Slipping on ice is not fun, but I love watching the snow fall. On the ground, it glistens and sparkles. Honestly, the snow is so pretty, I almost don't mind the cold. I also live with the knowledge that I can get coffee anywhere, because Swedes love their kaffe.

Amanda and I went to Ostgota for "After School" which is their Friday meal in tapas style. It was pretty cheap, about 35 crowns (which is like 4.50 USD) and I got two chicken and red pepper skewers, half a quesadilla, and bread with mozzarella and basil cheese on it. The meal takes place in their basement which was really cozy with candlelight and quotes etched on the walls.

Later, I went to a movie at Uplands called  "Ronia the Robber's Daughter." It was a very cute movie about two children, a girl and a boy, who are belong to neighboring tribes/clans, but meet and become friends. It's based of a book, like most good movies. After, they invited us newbies to the jazzbar for a drink, but it was crowded.

I ended up running into the girls I had brunch with earlier this week. We headed over to Smalands nation and enjoyed some drinks. I got a vodka cranberry mix which was the perfect drink to end the week with.

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