Monday, February 9, 2015

Mixing Drinks and Eating Waffles

As I mentioned in my previous post, my life is getting settled here in Sweden. I don't have class on Mondays, but I had to read a book for my class called the Moonstone by Wilkie Collins. After getting reading for the day, I went to the KB library for a few hours. Then I read on my couch in my room (I love having a couch by the way).

At 6 PM, Uplands had an introduction to working at the nation for new members. We got to meet the pub masters, the kitchen masters, the rental and club hosts, ect. They showed us the kitchen, the pub, and the jazz bar. One of the bartenders showed us how to make five drinks, which I really was not found of any except a vodka, rum, and club soda mix. I want to work at the jazz bar, mostly because I think it would be fun. I would also like to bar tend for one of the club nights.

Besides that, I will mostly work in the pub and bake for the Sunday fika. One of my favorite pastries is called semla. It's a dough pastry filled with almond paste and topped with whipped cream. Swedish whipped cream is the best I have ever had. Along with Swedish coffee.

Back at my home university, I worked a lot at the career center. I wasn't that involved in campus life, and I wanted to earn money. Also, I'm not the type of person who goes and joins every club and does everything, so work helped me do more than just go to class. I also got to meet so many interesting people there (shout out to you if you read this!)

The nation fed us waffles with jam and whipped cream for dinner, which I appreciated. I got to meet a couple of other people in the nation, which is always good, and free food is the best thing ever. Afterward, Amanda and I went back to my dorm and hung out. Then I continued my reading and she went home.

Just another day in Uppsala.

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