Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The day we spent in Uppsala

I met up with Kenley for coffee at Ostgota at 12. We have class at 13:15 until 15:30, but didn't make it today. Instead, we went to the library, the Carolina Rediviva, and saw the Silver Bible and other bookish artifacts, such as an ancient Hebrew scroll of the book of Esther and a copy of Newton's first book on the philosophy of the natural world. In addition to that, there were also medieval books and maps that had been preserved and were so beautiful.

We also went into the library and looked at the books. Stunning. Amazing. Wow. We found Kessing's collection of contemporary world events. Every week for a year, what went on in the world was recorded. These are massive volumes; I nearly dropped it after I took it out of the book shelf. In 1955, Turkey and Iran made a peace treaty. I remember being told the most boring day in the world where nothing really happened was April 11, 1954. I think it would have nice to be alive during the 50s. We found some interesting books on the history of Uppsala, which is quite fascinating. I don't understand how people study in that library; I would spend all my time looking up at the bookcases.

Afterward, we went to the university's Museum Gustavianum. They used to have anatomy classes there in the Anatomical Theater. It's a beautifully designed, but with an eerie feel. The museum also had an exhibit on the history of Uppsala and some gorgeous art work and pieces. It's across the street from the cathedral, which is the symbol of life here in Sweden. I walk past it every day, and will miss the sight of it when I go back to the States.

Photos from the Anatomical Theater:

Kenley and I 

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