Monday, February 23, 2015

Working at the Mjolkbaren

Working fika. It sounds like a contradiction; fika is a break from the day with your friends, drinking coffee and eating a pastry, so how can it be work?

As I've mentioned before, all of the nations are very similar but do their own thing too. Uplands has a pub, pea soup and waffles on Thursdays, and a jazz bar on Fridays. Some of the nations have breakfast, others have lunch or study fika. Ostgota Nation runs a mjolkbaren (translation: milk bar, pronounciation: mo-olk bar en). I really liked working Lordasfika on Day 8, so I tried it again today. 

Everyone at Ostgota Nation is incredibly kind and friendly. I got to work with a couple of Swedish guys, a Finnish girl, and a California girl. The last one is actually in my religious life in Sweden class, and her name is Kenley. She's a really interesting person with her views on the world, different issues, history, and her love of traveling. I consider her my California soul sister, and have enjoyed getting to know her. 

At Ostgota you can order a waffle bar (which you make yourself and can top with fruit, jam, whipped cream, and caramel or chocolate syrup) or a sandwich or a salad. We spent from 10:30 to 12:00 preparing food and getting ready. The busiest time is from 12 to 2, and after that it calmed down. I ate lunch with Kenley and the Finnish girl. I ate waffles with whipped cream, blueberries, and baked chicken. Pretty much, you get a free meal while you are there and then you get a food coupon for another free meal that you can use at leisure. 

I don't have class on Mondays and will probably work at the mjolkbaren then. It's a long shift from 10:30 to 5, but I like doing it. I am trying to find things to fill my time; although, Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens is taking up quite a lot of it. 

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