Wednesday, February 18, 2015

That One Time I Worked in a Jazz bar

I worked in a jazz bar. Once and only once. Last Friday.

At Uplands, in order to be able to work behind the bar, you have to do three floor shifts. I thought it would be fun to work at the jazz bar; it wasn't.

It was a nine hour shift from 5 pm to 2 am. The only redemption of the night is that I got to eat french fries, got two food coupons, and found 100 krona on the floor and kept it and used it to buy myself chocolate the next morning.

My work consisted of taking orders to the kitchen, taking them upstairs to people, clearing dishes and bottles, and at some point sitting at the door checking IDs and nation cards. For a nine hour shift, it was exhausting. I didn't even get to enjoy the band!

At one point, I met some people who were hanging out and drinking, a girl named Louise and a guy named Ulfrik and their drunk buddies. Louise was a doll and Ulfrick convinced me that I should quit my job, sit down, put my feet up, and have a beer with them.

I wanted to quit. I didn't, because we were already short staffed and there was only one more hour left to go. Sometimes we try things and then don't like them. It happens.

I don't think I will ever work at the jazz bar again. Ever. However,  I will work fika at OG and maybe work in the pub at Uplands two more times so that I can bartend. If I do it, I will pick a Monday or Wednesday night when it is less busy.

My mom told me I experienced the hard work of being a waitress. I would much rather spend my Friday nights at the pub eating nachos and drinking cider.

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