Sunday, February 8, 2015

My First Sexta

As you all know dear readers, I joined a nation called Uplands, which is the region in which Uppsala is within. It actually consists of three regions that joined together. It's fairly common for the student nations to be more than one region and to be joined together, for example Gastrike-Halsinge, Sodermanlands-Nerikes, and Vastmanlands-Dala. Today Uplands had an activity day for new members along with an informal dinner called a sexta.

At the beginning, the hosts also gave us some information about the organizations, such as the nation's journal, the orchestra, and the book circle. The student union also came by and gave out some information about what they do. Then there was fika with tea, coffee, and cookies where we talked and got to know each other.

The hosts took us through a tour of the nation's house from the formal dining room to the library to the study room which doubles as a jazz bar on Friday nights to the pub/restaurant in the basement. Uplands has a very cozy house and they play board games on most Sundays which I look forward to going to. Since Uplands is the closest nation to me, I will most likely go there a few times a week during study hours.

We played a couple of weird games, such as the foot game and the evolution game. The foot game is where you stand in a circle and put your foot next to someone else's and they have to move it and it continues until someone cannot move or falls over. The evolution game is where you play rock paper scissors against each other and try to evolve when you when. You go from amoeba to bunny rabbit to tiger to ape to human to superman. In order to win, you have to reach superman. If you lose, you devolve back into the previous stage.

After games, they paired us up and gave us a quiz to do so we could learn about the nation. We had to find different paintings and objects in the nation's house and take pictures with them. Also, Uplands' rival nation is V-Dala. V-Dala built a ugly, white, sterile house right next to Uplands and it blocks the sunset. One part of the quiz was to take a picture of our hatred for V-Dala so my partner and I took an Uplands sign and stood in front of the V-Dala nation and frowned. We actually won the quiz game, so I am now the proud owner of a Uplands key chain and tote bag.

Following that, we set up for the sexta which was a dinner of potato and vegetable casserole with raspberry pie and vanilla custard sauce for desert. It's tradition to sing and skool (cheers and then take a drink) during a sexta. We had songbooks, and even though I couldn't read most of the songs, since they were in Swedish, it was still very fun. We sang quite a few songs and talked together during dinner. It's been so long since I have had a good meal with other people.

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